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TMM token details

The TMM token allows administrative and strategic decisions to be made by voting. However, investors cannot influence the creative component. Strategic decisions are made by all crypto-participants. For this purpose, a separate login via web3 (Metamask) has been created on the website of the series

So, for example, the following surveys were conducted among TMM token holders:

  • Should the authors of the series provide access to the series on a free basis to everyone?

  • How many TMM tokens should a holder have in order to access the series before the world premiere?

  • Should the NFT generator be run on ETN or should NFT generation be done with TMM tokens?

  • How often should the series creator publish production reports?

  • Is it necessary to create a project's NFT token exchanger on the BNB network (BSC)?

  • Should NFT tokens and TMM tokens be burned after the project is launched?

  • Etc.

Example of voting results:

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