Distribution of crypto-profits

NFT-DAO-tokens & TMM-tokens
After the costs of production of the series are covered, 50% of the entire crypto-profit of the project will be distributed among the holders of TMM tokens and NFT-DAO tokens of the project. This distribution is defined as the Gross DAO Income of the TMM Project (DAO-TMM).
"Crypto Profit" refers to all TMM Project profits generated from the series' infrastructure crypto-projects (not including license projects), NFT primary sales and secondary market royalties, and other crypto partnerships and cryptocurrencies.
DAO-TMM will be distributed as follows:
1️⃣ 50% DAO-TMM evenly among all TMM token holders according to the number of tokens in the wallet.
2️⃣ 0.03125% DAO-TMM is awarded to each holder of a Minor NFT-DAO-token. All of these tokens add up to 3.125% DAO-TMM.
3️⃣ 0.3125% DAO-TMM is awarded to each owner of a Main NFT-DAO-token. All of these tokens add up to 46.875% DAO-TMM.