The Concept

Multilayer abyss for deep diving
What if you were a unicorn who woke up after a car crash with total memory loss? And at the same time some really bad guys were trying to kill you… HARD! But hang on… there’s some good news too: you have the super-ability to spontaneously produce genius startup ideas. And this eccentric sleazy entrepreneur promises to get your memory back… IF you work on his team. Obviously, you’re in!
Take My Muffin and dive head-first into the acid-trip version of Palo Alto… where robots live next door to dragons and walking potatoes while investors pump their money into developing psychedelic boogers and cross-species genital adaptors. And that’s just the nut-crusted top of the effin’ muffin…
1st layer — a bright and funny sitcom
2nd layer — a history of startups from the inside
3rd layer — evaluation of different business models
4th layer — deep philosophical idea
5th layer — the basis of the series is a cultural heritage, which is already several thousand years old... And this is no joke!
The world of Take My Muffin is full of surprises, but everything is purely on point!
Pavel Muntyan (the producer of the series) about TMM's funding and promotion model: "We found it uninteresting to get in line with all the other series that come out under the Original label of one platform or one channel. It's so crowded out there now, it's already exhausting on the eyes. And they all get their hair cut by the same hairdresser. So we decided to create a completely new product, focusing on a completely new format, getting support from a completely unique audience (crypto-community), focusing on current trends in multimedia!"
Essentially, Take My Muffin is a Crypto Original! Anyone can become a participant in this unique experiment that has the potential to revolutionize the world of animation! And not just a participant, but a crypto-shareholder!
The series aims to revive the format of satire in today's world of endless restrictions, a series that says that nothing is out of bounds! This will probably be one of the new trends, so the authors of the series quoted Elon Musk's tweet on the subject: