Bluelight Inc.

Tycoon crypto-game based on TMM world
Bluelight Inc. is an economic strategy game about creating your own startups in a multiverse. The game implements a "play to earn" (P2E) mechanics to encourage active players as they progress. The player's goal is to build the most powerful Unicorn-level startup.
Bluelight and its characters are based on the Take My Muffin animated series. You don't have to know the story of Take My Muffin to enjoy the game, but Bluelight and the series contain many cross-references and go well together.
Bluelight has a solid foundation. Bluelight's development team created the award-winning Aloha web browser, which is used by millions of users around the world. The development partner, Dragons Lake, is a development studio that has worked on various AAA games for Epic, Sony, and Nintendo.
The game has a great balance between engaging gameplay and earning money. According to the game's story, the world is at a turning point. Corporations rule the world and the market is divided between them. There is nowhere to grow, opportunities are limited. Bluelight Inc. has decided to expand the market by creating new virtual worlds-cubes where young ambitious entrepreneurs can start their own technological revolution.
The cubes are populated by different characters, each with a unique set of skills useful for project completion and startup development. Each cube represents its own universe with specific sets of rules. Owning their own cube gives players unparalleled flexibility.
The players can engage in a variety of activities: develop their own startups (e.g. completing projects, building their own offices, training employees, etc.), competing against other players for rankings, and engaging in PvP battles. Teaming up with other players helps their startup grow faster. As it gets bigger, players can hire other players to work for them.
Those players who has a creative ideas can dive into creating their own NFT-based game resources, customize projects for other startups, or even create their own universe within the cube.
As a web-based game, Bluelight Inc. uses modern technology such as decentralized solutions, NFTs, and absolute ownership via tokens. Players directly own all the items they have in the game, can rent them out, trade them, and use them in the various multiverse that will appear in the future.