Mr. Freeman

Mr. Freeman is a series of provocative cartoons with the character of the same name, containing many different symbols, hints, Easter eggs, and philosophical meanings, but extremely understandable even for teenagers. The character of the series is a single actor, playing on the screen an amazing spectacle, which wants to watch over and over again, to catch all the nuances, which is filled with picture and sound series. The series is unlike any other animated show in the world and is an absolutely unique product by design.

Currently, 20 episodes of the first season and 4 episodes of the second season, extras and video messages have been released. The series is available for viewing on YouTube around the world and has been translated into English, Ukrainian, German and Spanish. In 2017 the brand Mr. Freeman founded the world's first virtual state Freeland, launched the issuance of Freeland passports, which have not only unique technical characteristics, but also all the official attributes of territorial states.

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