🦄The Characters

Description of the main characters of the show


Suffering from amnesia after getting hit by a car, Korney wants to get his memory back and figure out who he is and how he got here. With a gift for having spontaneous epiphanies of brilliant ideas, his horn starts radiating all the colours of the rainbow with each spark of genius. Korney is energetic, unreserved, sociable, enthusiastic, a bit naive, and a bit goofy, although not immune to existential self-analysis.


Rok runs a startup lab where he skillfully exploits his employees while artfully draining money out of investors hoping to strike it rich with “the next big thing”. Rok dreams of finally selling one of his projects to the Monster Mega Bluelight Inc. He is a classic trickster – an unprincipled, cynical cheat, and schemer who never panics and considers failures to be part of the game.


An iron lady with a brass uterus and a sharp tongue, Draka is Rok’s lawyer, and financial director. When emotions run high, she is literally on fire. Draka comes from a redneck fundamentalist family with which she has a very strained relationship. She is secretly in love with Rok, and that’s the only reason she hasn’t already left.


A genius scientist-engineer, Dr. Noper rebelled against the scientific community and fell into a downward spiral that landed him on Rok’s team as their lead scientist and chief pain in the ass. Whatever anyone wants, he’s against it — if only out of principle. When Noper gets bent out of shape his head actually detaches itself from his body until he gets things back the way they should be – his way.


A hulking spud with super strength and the intellect of a child, Mojo is the company’s security force. His guiding pesticidal joint is always burning to keep him living in the moment, flowing gently down the steam. He loves a good laugh, but is too sincere to comprehend sarcasm.

U2-D12 aka UD

Built out of spare appliance parts, Rok bought U2-D12 at a garage sale to perform menial office tasks. Dr. Noper upgraded with AI. Now UD sees himself as an underappreciated experimental artist. He’s a melancholic pessimist who romanticizes his depression. He repeatedly tries to commit suicide, only to have Dr. Noper repair him after each attempt.



Rok’s investors who are interested in the “Alternative Internet” project. In fact, they’re one character with three heads. If to give each of them a one-word characteristic, they would be “chatterer”, “grumbler”, and “silent type” respectively.


Drug lord who is officially head of “Lotus”, the largest trash collection company. A fatso with inclinations for philosophy, he believes that good and evil need each other to maintain world harmony, and that right now it’s evil time to stop civilization’s slow decay and reboot it.


Head of a small church who worries about its decline in popularity. In spite of his adherence to the religious cult, he is interested in advanced technology and the ability of using it in a realm of spirituality. Although in reality he’s just a savvy and opportunistic dealmaker.


Four-armed and blue skinned guy with a big moustache. A former director of trash porn, and now head of Twin Pits corporation, producer of sex-toys. Down and dirty scumbag.


Gender-neutral president whose two mouths speak, one that speaks with a female voice and the other with a male. Loves drinking, neutral in her views, has grown unpopular with the citizens that have given her the nickname “Mrs. Wasident”.


Rector of the prestigious Saint Fard University. Former hippie and former best friend of Noper, who had saved Win from a terminal illness. Later he betrayed Noper for a chance of taking the position as rector. Secret pervert.


Vegan seagull who collects rare animals. Blogger and influencer who has become famous with videos of his pets and reviews of new products from the eco-consumption world. Lives in an ancient lighthouse-castle.


Crazy scientist that travels through time. Mental hospital patient.

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